40 under 40? That ship has sailed.

Build a life and career for the right reasons.

Who the heck is this guy?

Jeez, that was my first corporate headshot. Summer of ’99, age 32. Back My hair was heavier, my body thinner.

I have 35 years of a career in the rearview mirror. No more opportunities for 40-Under-40 for me.

I may not have gotten local or national business press by achieving professional things by a fixed age but what I’ve done by age is this:

  • Married at 25
  • Two children at 28
  • Purchased move-up home at 29
  • Kept a family together despite struggles at 33
  • Paid-off student loans at 34
  • Secured children’s college tuition at age 42
  • Retired debt by age 50

Have I had success in my career? Yes and I’m humbly proud of that. But my career wasn’t my pursuit. My career was something necessary in my pursuit of my true goals: marriage, children, a stable home, raising responsible young adults, paying for college.

For me, it wasn’t about winning awards. Career success unfolded as I sought to fulfill what was more important in life. Focusing on home and family is what drove my success, not the chance for awards and accolades.