Personal Branding

You’re not a resume; you’re a brand.

Believe that and commit to it. Why is this important? To launch or re-launch your career, you’ll compete with an average of 250 applicants per job with only 4% of applicant receiving a “look” or an interview. To make things worse, over 65% of workers are looking for a new job each year. You’re competing in a crowded, competitive marketplace. You need to stand up, stand out. You need to be what we call a “Brand Lion.” Why a Brand Lion?

Lion Advisors’ founder, Ron Wagner, is a Penn State alum. A Nittany Lion. He’s also an August baby, a Leo, and a Leo is symbolized by the lion. Lions represent wisdom, power, royalty, courage, dominion and authority. Lions stand up, stand out. They claim and defend their territory. So should you.

Whether you’re launching your brand for the first time or next time in your career, you need to define, claim and own your space in a crowded marketplace. With Lion Advisors, you have a Leo on your side, helping you stand up, stand out. Among the personal brand building services offered are:

  • Auditing your LinkedIn profile
  • Defining your brand DNA
  • Crystallizing your brand position
  • Developing core messaging plans
  • Building a contact and communications strategy
  • Building go-to-market “launch” plans
  • Creating your on-line brand
  • Ongoing brand management

You can choose one or more of a series of packaged services, each with a fixed, not-to-exceed price. Or, elect an ongoing program of brand development and tutelage; pricing is set according to frequency and volume of sessions. We have packages and services that take you along a path according to need and budget:

  • The Cub: Like the name implies, this is an entry-level package. A LinkedIn audit is a vital first step. It’s tactical, yes, but strategy is involved. We’ll walk through your profile and critique each section of your profile and suggest how to improve it.
  • The Young Lion: You’re starting to gain your footing and getting ready for the “hunt.” With this package, you get the LinkedIn audit, a re-writing of your “about” section, and 3 core stories you can use either on LinkedIn and/or during discussions to help you position your brand. This is a more involved and evolved package that has a great deal of Q&A and introspection as part of the discovery and development process.
  • The Leader of the Pack: Here, you’re claiming your space with authority. Your LinkedIn audit, “about” section re-write and 3 stories are included, but we go a few steps further. With this package, we create 3 custom articles to feature on your profile, which help show you as a critical thought leader, along with a high-level bio as a PDF for the feature section.

We follow a linear process of introspection and “extrospection” to help you define, build and market your brand. By engaging Lion Advisors, we will work for you … and make you work, too. You’ll have tough questions to answer and deadline-driven assignments to complete … but you’ll see, it’ll be worth it.

We start with a 5-question “intake session”:   

  • What problem are you looking to solve?
  • What have you been doing so far to solve the problem?
  • Why me, why now?
  • What are you hoping to achieve?
  • What does success look like when we’re done?


You’ll have 3 working days to send these back to us. Your answers set the stage for a discussion. There will be a go or no-go decision following this, which either of us can make. This will be the decision point for whether or not we’re a good fit. If we choose to move forward, the next steps of the process will be laid out in detail — the what, how, why and when.

65% of workers
are looking for a new job each year

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