On-Demand CMO Services

A fractional chief marketing officer acts as if they’re employed by you as your full-time marketing leader. They help you set your marketing strategies, tactics, budgets and staff, and can direct you and your team on execution.

No. A fractional chief marketing officer is a strategist and leader, not an advertising agency. But, a good CMO typically has a deep set of specialized firms that that they can call upon depending on your needs: digital marketing, content development, social media marketing, demand generation and others.

  • The Cub: Like the name implies, this is an entry-level package. A LinkedIn audit is a vital first step. It’s tactical, yes, but strategy is involved. We’ll walk through your profile and critique each section of your profile and suggest how to improve it.
  • The Young Lion: You’re starting to gain your footing and getting ready for the “hunt.” With this package, you get the LinkedIn audit, a re-writing of your “about” section, and 3 core stories you can use either on LinkedIn and/or during discussions to help you position your brand. This is a more involved and evolved package that has a great deal of Q&A and introspection as part of the discovery and development process.
  • The Leader of the Pack: Here, you’re claiming your space with authority. Your LinkedIn audit, “about” section re-write and 3 stories are included, but we go a few steps further. With this package, we create 3 custom articles to feature on your profile, which help show you as a critical thought leader, along with a high-level bio as a PDF for the feature section.

The services provided by a fractional chief marketing officer vary and are determined by their client. Some clients may want a thorough audit of their marketing operations and a series of recommended improvements, while others may need the fractional CMO to come in and run the marketing operations for them as if they were employed by the company. Again, all of this depends on the client’s needs.

A fractional CMO brings a diverse set of experiences across industries that can provide you with different perspectives than you may be accustomed to. They have the strategic and practical know-how to execute on your behalf. A fractional chief marketing officer is a variable cost that you can dial-up or dial-down as needed; they’re not a fixed cost on your P&L and don’t consume healthcare benefits or 401K expenses. 

Companies that are growing and maturing most benefit from a fractional chief marketing officer. These companies may not have the staff or budgets of their bigger competitors, but know they need strong marketing leadership and know-how to help them outsmart their competition (since they know they can’t outspend them).

Engagements can be short-term or long-term, with a defined statement of work on a specific project or for ongoing general help and support. Fees can be hourly or fixed according to the work and support needed.

This can vary. Simple Google searches reveal rates between $200 – $400 hour depending on a variety of factors. But don’t let this scare you; most fractional chief marketing officers will price their services based on the task at hand and the type of client they’re working with.

You’re looking for execution, not wild ideas. Look for a fractional chief marketing officer who has demonstrated their ability to do more with less, to take conceptual ideas to pragmatic actions, and to connect strategies to tactics quickly and effectively. 

Personal Branding Services

You’re in a crowded, cluttered employment marketplace. 65% of workers are looking for a new job each year — and there are 250 applicants for each job, with only 4% of applicants receiving an interview. Just posting a resume won’t cut it these days.

Personal branding is about acknowledging that you’re not a resume, you’re a brand. And well-built brands have people traveling further and paying more to acquire them. Identifying, building, managing, marketing and protecting your personal brand helps you create destiny rather than accept fate.

First, just acknowledging that you’re a brand is a sign that you’re on your way. Next, commit to introspection, asking yourself a series of tough questions the same way a product marketer would when getting ready to launch or re-launch a brand, product or service. This is where Lion Advisors can help.

A resume is a necessity, for sure, but building your personal brand involves much more. Your Lion Advisors do not create your resume. They focus on relevant, different and better strategies for building your personal brand.

Many things, including but not limited to: a positioning plan and messaging strategy, a content development and distribution plan, an evergreen marketing program, and pulsed campaigns when it’s time to “re-launch” yourself.

For many people, building their personal brand is a new concept. Lion Advisors offers entry level packages to consider and service options with more details and deliverables. Pick what’s best for you, your budget and needs.

It starts with a simple discussion and homework assignment, at no cost, to determine if there’s a good fit between us. If the fit is good, you can take it from there by selecting the level of engagement and services you need.

You’re looking for execution, not wild ideas.

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